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US vs. Real Estate Agent

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Services Selling With An Agent Sold To Us
Commission / fees 5% average is paid by you, the seller None
Appraisal needed Yes, sale is subject to appraisal None, we make cash offers
Average days until sold +/- 91 Days Immediate cash offer
Number of showings It depends 1 (Just us)
Closing date 30-60 +/- Days after accepting buyer's offer The date of your choice
Who pays for repairs Negotiated during Inspection Period None - we pay for all repairs

Major Repair Needed?

Call Today and Get a Fair Cash Offer

Homes for cash, has purchased many homes that need some TLC. Keeping up with a house can be just overwhelming.  And costly. Especially if no one is helping you. We hear this all the time.

We can buy your house (in any condition) on your schedule. You pick the date, and we will have the cash ready for you. That way you can have time to gather up all the things that you actually want to keep, and allow us to just get rid of the rest of it for you (if you prefer).

It’s that simple. No repairs, no cleaning, no stress or hassle.



While relocating to a new city or transferring to a new job may be a good thing, it may bring along unexpected complications if you need to sell your house before you relocate. At Homes for Cash, we have special home selling solutions and top professionals to help those of you who need to sell your house fast.

Relocating can create short moving and selling timelines. They can also create a cash crunch. Often you may not have enough time to sell your house before you move, inevitably putting you in a position to deal with a house you no longer live in.

We help sellers with moving arrangements, if needed. We have connected sellers with local moving companies and even picked up the tab in certain scenarios.


Inherited a home?

You can sell an inherited house, even if still in probate, even if it needs a lot of repairs quickly for cash!

Inheriting a house can be a very emotional and overwhelming responsibility. While there is most likely equity in the home, there are usually other stressful issues. The loss of a loved one is very challenging. When you add that together with the property upkeep, repairs and keeping the property secure from break-ins or damage it can become too much.

We are here to help. There are a lot of unique challenges that come along with selling a home in Probate or in an Estate. We have the experience and the ability to help you and the heirs, no matter what the situation is or the condition of the home.


  • Probate
  • An Estate Sale

House full of trash?

A home filled with trash or full of belongings can be extremely difficult to sell. Realtors do not want to invest their time on cleaning up the mess or looking into the renovations required. We buy homes full of trash and packed with stuff all the time. The best part: you don’t have to do a thing! No cleaning, no packing, no renovations. You simply take the stuff you want and we will take care of the rest!


Late on mortgage payments ?

Life can change in an instant making it hard to make your mortgage payments on time. Anyone who has struggled with finances knows just how much stress it can cause to be late on mortgage payments. Let us help ease your financial burden. If you have started to pile up past due mortgage payments, the time to act is now.


We help by providing you a fast and fair cash offer on your home. Since we use our own money to buy your home, we can close within 2-3 weeks, or we can close on your schedule.

The best part is, if you have outstanding liens on the property, have a mortgage to pay off, or owe money in taxes, no problem. We will tailor our offer to ensure that all of those issues are solved and you walk away stress-free without damaging your credit. DCI Properties has a solution to every situation.


Rental Property becoming a problem?

We specialize in this! Having been landlords ourselves, we have personally dealt with many of the problems that can come from bad tenants and a rental property. We know just how to help, no matter what the problem is.

We’ve seen just about everything when it comes to having a rental property such as:

  • Lawsuits
  • Properties sitting vacant with no income
  • Tenant vandalism
  • Expensive maintenance costs
  • Loss of revenue
  • Illegal drug use by tenants
  • and so on…any one of these if not addressed quickly, could bankrupt you!

You don’t have to deal with this anymore! Just give us a call and we will help. We will buy your property as-is and can even buy it with the bad tenants still living in the property. Many landlords do not want to deal with evicting the tenants and spending the tens of thousands of dollars to fix the property up. We can do all of this for you, so you can quickly get your rental property sold and move on to more important matters

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